Thalassaemia Awareness Project:Ballads of the Agonized Souls


Ballads of the Agonized Souls is a photography project  to create awareness on Thalassaemia. Thalassemia is an inherited genetic blood disorder in which the body is unable to make adequate healthy hemoglobin (Hb). Hemoglobin is present in the red cells. Normally red cells survive for 120 days. But red cells affected by thalassemia survive less than that. When both parents are thalassemia carriers, it increases the percentage of their child inheriting thalassemia. Over 250 million people are affected by thalassemia and allied blood disorders in the world. According to WHO (World Health Organization), about 7-8% of the population of Bangladesh are carriers of thalassemia. Which means roughly 11.2 million Bangladeshis are thalassemia carriers and 7,483 children are born with the disease every year with expected 3, 74,154 living patients.

The only permanent cure for thalassemia is bone marrow transplantation which is a very expensive treatment and not available in Bangladesh. The only possible way to survive from this deadly disease is prevention. For this, everyone should be cautious, and take thalassaemia detection/carrier detection examination. thalassaemia carries should be careful about taking children to avoid birth of thallasemic babies.

So, took all this thing in my mind i started the project in 2009 i arranged a touring photography exhibition and published a book to create awareness amongst the students and general people.after that the exhibition tours different universities campus and gallery  to create awareness amongst students and general people. Awareness amongst the youth will ensure better prevention of this disease.

A blood donation program and genetic counseling also arranged by other organization who are working on thalassaemia. This collected bloods contributed to the blood bank which is vital for the frequent blood transfusions required by thalassemia patients.


The book published to create awareness using the photographs from the exhibition and important information on thalassemia. The book sent to university and collage libraries so that students have access to the information on the long run. all the money from book selling used to create funds which helping poor thalasamia paitaint treatment and thalassaemia organization who are working on thalassaemia.

here the book links

now the goal is to take this exhibition all over the Bangladesh.

some news clip from the 1st exhibition held on zainul gallery dhaka university campus.